VIVA Recreational Soccer Programs

Villarreal Virginia Academy offers three recreational soccer programs taylored to your families requirements.

VIVA Mini Amarillo

VIVA Mini Amarillo - Ages U4s and U5s years old. - $125
Professional Practice/Game on Saturday (8 Weeks)

The goal of this age group is to ensure a safe, fun and developmentally appropriate environment for our youngest soccer players to become comfortable with the game.  Sessions will be 1 hour in length with lots of fun games, skill instructions and exciting and “fun” coaches to make every session as enjoyable as possible.  Players will be encouraged to participate in all activities, moms and dads should feel free to jump in and play along if their little one is having a shy moment.  Sessions will be on Saturday mornings.

VIVA Amarillo

VIVA Amarillo - Ages U5 s and U10s years old.      $250
One Professional Practice a week with Games on Saturday – (8 weeks)

This age group starts to introduce more of what we call “real” soccer.  More focused skill instruction will take place, while continuing to make each session fun, exciting and energetic.  The curriculum is centered around helping players become more comfortable on the field, teach basic game related concepts and have competition be fun. Players will be divided upon arrival and games will start after a brief group warm up.  Players will need Villarreal Virginia Academy jersey that should be purchased for a total of $23.00 through the club and are to be worn at each session.

VIVA Academy

VIVA Academy - Ages U7s to U10s - $395
Two professional Practices per week and Games on Saturday (9 weeks)

The VIVA Academy program is specifically designed to help transition players from a recreational environment, to a more focused soccer environment.  Players will have 2 practice sessions each week where more advanced skills will be the focus, and staff will continue to use “pick up” type play to encourage players to try their new-found skills and develop confidence on the field.  Saturdays will be their game day, players will be divided up upon arrival and play focused, coached games after a group warm up.  Players will need 2 Villarreal Virginia Academy jerseys that should be purchased for a total of $46 through the club and are to be worn at each session.