Welcome to Villarreal Virginia Academy

Official Partner of Villarreal CF, Spain (LaLiga)

Villarreal Virginia Academy, “VIVA” is an Official Partner Academy of Villarreal CF based in Northern Virginia.  VIVA continue to work closely with Villarreal CF, Spain, alongside their coaching staff and methodology. All players who registered for the 2020-2021 season tryouts who are of the appropriate desire, commitment and skill level have an oppurtunity to join the #YellowSubmarine. Tryouts are held for the purpose of assessment and to determine where the players fit in the teams.

Practice Facilities and Game Fields

Local turf fields from Fairfax County - Annandale, Fairfax & Falls Church

Leagues of Play

Teams will compete in the VPSL, (NPL) ECNL/RL, EDP and NCSL.

Player/Coach Education and Development

All players/teams will have an opportunity to visit Villarreal CF. There is an opportunity for selected players based on recommendation, skills and performance, to visit Villarreal CF Spain for individual tryouts and team training.  Player/Coach education is offered on an ongoing basis by Villarreal CF coaches and there will be an opportunity for some coaches to visit Villarreal CF Spain.

Commitment Beyond the Pitch

Villarreal Virginia Academy strives to provide a positive influence in the community through its travel club and soccer programs.  VIVA offers free soccer programs at schools made possible by the generosity of local sponsors.  VIVA will continue to work hard in Northern Virginia to provide positive playing experience and coaching education to the local community. We would like to thank those who continue to support our endeavor – Villarreal CF, Villarreal CF Staff, VIVA coaches, managers, players, other local NPL clubs and directors of local leagues. #thankyou

VIVA is an IRS 501c3 non-profit operation.

 Our fees were discunted $755 COVID-19 Soccer Discount for the 2020-21 


(other than $25.00 Deposit)